Windsurfing Lesson Overview


We will start by learning the components comprising the board and sail (rig). Then we'll discuss wind theory. For the next half hour, we practice on a land simulator. The device allows us to teach you proper technique while eliminating the falling factor. During this portion, you learn proper posture, uphauling the sail, steering and tacking.

Once you're adept at handling these techniques on land, we move into the water. After an hour, most people are comfortable uphauling the sail, sailing across the wind, tacking and returning to the beach. We then finish the program with a self-rescue technique.

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These lessons are usually one-on-one unless you bring a friend at or close to your same skill level. Techniques taught include beach starts, harnessing, jibing, using footstraps and also waterstarts. Conditions may be more challenging for advanced students as they are expected to be proficient in the basics of board/sail control.

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