Stand Up Paddleboarding: About the Sport

Stand-up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the modern-day interpretation of an ancient pastime enjoyed by Hawaiian kings. Originally revitalized by the Waikiki beach boys, it only recently gained widespread exposure through the efforts of Laird Hamilton and other famous Island watermen. This is a uniquely challenging form of surfing and is also quite versatile with the flatwater potential of exploring harbors, creeks and inlets. Additionally, SUP gives a strenuous full-body workout and can be done in a wider range of conditions than traditional wave surfing.

Fun Seekers teaches SUP lessons in the ocean, bays and estuaries of Wellfleet, MA. Beginner paddleboard lessons are taught in calm waters and locations will advance with your skill. All students are provided with a board, paddle, leash and wetsuit.

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