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Snowkiting is an exciting way to enjoy what winter throws at us - wind and snow. After several hours with a certified instructor, you'll be gliding through the powder with ease! Fun Seekers uses the latest Ozone snowkites to make the learning process fun, safe and easy. Our only prerequisite is that you already have experience on skis or a snowboard.

The last decade have seen a giant leap forward in snowkite-specific technology. The development of snowkite specific foil kites like the Ozone has given riders an opportunity to push the envelope and experiment in both extreme conditions and terrain. This, combined with advanced safety techniques, now allows novices to properly learn with a low risk factor. We have incorporated these training practices to provide fun, safe instruction for snowkiters of all skill levels.

Fun Seekers has taught snowkiting in Utah since 2001, making us one of the oldest and most respected instructional services in the Wasatch area.

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