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Imagine catching a wave for the first time...paddling into this rhythmic pulse of the ocean's energy. Allowing it to guide you all the way to shore. We can help you realize that dream. Summer is the perfect time for learning how with warm water temps and gentle conditions. Fun Seekers offers the expertise and knowledge to help you ride your first wave or take your surfing to the next level.

Cape Cod offers excellent surf breaks for all levels and abilities. Surfing is tide dependent, therefore lessons are scheduled daily around low tide. We offer daily instruction at several area beaches depending on ability level and current conditions. A full wetsuit, surfboard and leash are included in your lesson price. For the safety minded, all Fun Seekers instructors maintain a minumum of Advanced First Aid and CPR certification. Most important, our guides know how to educate and have fun - that's what it's all about.

When making a reservation, please give us your height and weight so we can properly fit your wetsuit and board. If you wish to continue surfing after your lesson, you must rent equipment.

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$70 per hour for private lessons
$50/hour per person for 2 students
$45/hour per person for 3 students
$40/hour per person for 4 students
$35/hour per person for 5 students